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10 Tips for Packing Really Fast…Because You Have Someplace to Be!


If like me, you are the slow poke in your family and there’s always at least one person waiting impatiently in the car for you long before you’re ready to leave …you need to read this! Because of

course, rushing around in the morning on a work day is one thing…but you really, really don’t want to be late for the airport or delay a family road trip!

The secret to packing fast, is, of course, preparation. There are always a million and one things to do before a trip, so if you start doing them ahead of time, your chances of being able to get out the door on or ahead of schedule are much better.

Here are our favourite 10 tips for packing a bag or suitcase really fast.

1. Think weekdays. Unless this will be a last-minute business trip, chances are you’re leaving on a Friday night or Saturday morning – don’t save packing till an hour before. Start getting things

together during the week, no matter how tired you are after work.

2. Do laundry a few days before. This won’t apply so much to beach vacations in January but…if you’re going to the cottage or on a business trip, you will want your most suitable clothes to be

clean, so wash them in advance and pack them right out of the dryer.

3. Make a list. If you have ever wondered how the &^%! you could forget vital items like a phone charger on a weekend trip, you especially will want to make a list of everything you need for a longer trip, lest you wind up without enough clothes, baby items etc.

4. Choose the right luggage. Don’t try to jam everything you’ll need for a Vegas junket into a weekender bag, no matter how gorgeous it is; remember, you will be bringing back stuff, too.

But don’t bring a large wheeled suitcase to the cottage either, unless you are packing for 4. Instead, bring an expandable carry-on that’s perfect for a 4-day journey to a warm climate.

5. Pre-pack a toiletry bag. You know how stringent airports are about the right bottle sizes; fill a toiletry bag with the appropriate regulation sized bottles and other essentials, and place it in the closet or cupboard where you can grab it whenever you need it. It’s one less thing to unpack when you get home!

6. Invest in multipurpose clothing. While personally I have nothing against over-packing – I’d rather have extra clothing than not enough – there’s no need to pack multiples of things like

outerwear if you can find a good multipurpose jacket that works in chilly temperatures but that has a removable lining.

7. Put your passport in your wallet, purse or car right when you make your packing list. Sure, it’s a risk to take this essential document out of your drawer or safe a moment sooner than you

have to…but the more significant risk is of not realizing it’s still in the drawer until the moment you arrive at the airport with no time to spare. Guilty as charged!

8. Think in colour. Choosing a colour palette for your trip will ensure you only select coordinating pieces when packing. It can be a good way to narrow things down if you have too many clothes

and don’t know where to start. Of course, you can still throw in a favourite dress or pair of pants that don’t match, but at least you’ll know what kind of general look you’re trying to achieve.

9. Have certain spaces for certain things. A designated pocket for maps and other travel documents, a designated space for boxers and socks in the best lightweight luggage for travel, a

designated bag just for the kids’ stuff – all can be invaluable in terms of organization and speed.

10. Don’t sweat it! Your suitcase will get packed, either the new organized way or the old frenzied way. Each time you pack, you gain more insights and be able to streamline the experience.

So…keep travelling!

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