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Keeping things in the belt. Hiding money on you


My grandmother used to tell me to put extra cash in my sock, in case I get stuck somewhere. I suppose she’s traveled before, because for people traveling, nothing is worse than losing your money and passport. While trying to relax, and take in the history and scenery, the last thing anyone wants to be forced to do, is to take in the scenery at your embassy, while trying to get a temporary passport to get yourself back home. While hotel safes are often secure, some destinations suggest that you don’t use the in room safe, instead bring your own, or carry your valuables with you. I have photographed 4 options of cash-stashers and I wanted to share these styles with you. Besides the 4 styles there are handfuls of unique ways of storing money while traveling. There are socks with zippers (which would have my grandmothers stamp of approval), large wire mesh laptop covers, waterproof swim/shower bags, and of course the standard fanny pack/bum bag.

I have a slight addiction to waist bags. Bags that allow you to be hands free have my name written all over them. With two kids and constant action in my day, I can’t remember to eat, none-the-less figure out where I put my other 5-dollar bill. As I show you a couple of these options, just know everyone has different tastes, and based on the weather, and your clothing choices, one style may be better than another (ie: it is not the smartest idea to wear money belts designed to be worn on your calf if you’re wearing shorts).

The Bra Stash

To wear the bra stash you need to be wearing a bra under your shirt. You will clip each of the snaps around one of your bra straps and let the silky sack rest under your shirt. The petite size is deceptive as it will hold both a large wad of cash and a couple credit cards or ID. These are priced under $10 and are great when you travel and are buying expensive jewelry, because it offers a safe place to store your purchase.

Fit Stash

A sweat-proof and rain-proof waist bag that sits flat against your skin but offers flexibility in its’ size. You can hold anything from a discrete amount of cash and a passport to a cell phone and water bottle. This is a great product for hot climates, or if you plan on doing something extremely active like a bike tour.  The large elastic band can feel secure but you may prefer something with a slightly less obvious closure.

The Holster

This is a modern twist on a gun holster. With a streamline style that curves to the side of your body, wearing this under your clothes especially under many layers is quite comfortable. The adjustable strap makes it the perfect length without having any overhanging strap to tuck away. The size is big enough to hold one or more passports and has slots that are specific for credit cards too. If you are self conscious about adding bulk to your mid section or often wear an open jacket over a solid print or tight fitting shirt, the holster is a great option for you.

The Belt Stash

A zipper on the inside of the belt holds hundreds of dollars in cash. You can roll or fold your bills and lay them on the inside of the zippered pocket. The leather end, and the shiny silver buckle give a polished look to a multi-functional belt. If you have travel pants that can accommodate a belt, try this one. It’s great as an every-day belt too. It won’t fit a passport in it, but perfect for your casino winnings in Vegas!

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