Back to work can be just as fun as back to school.

Just because you took a week long, or even summer-long vacation this summer, doesn’t mean that heading back to work should be the “same old” routine. I know it may it may have taken years for you to find the perfect briefcase that fits your work laptop as though they were made-for-each-other, but let’s face it; the handle is getting stretched out, the corners are wearing down, and it is looking as tired as you feel most days. So come on, It’s time for a change.

Briggs & Riley has designed a new line of briefcases that offer space for your work laptop, work iPad and personal iPad. You may not have put any thought into it until now, but we typically carry a whole bunch of technology with us to work. The hard part when you have technology with you, is how to keep it all charged. My tip is to get cables for both home and work so you don’t have to get weighed down. If you haven’t started using power packs yet you should start. When you keep cables at work and home, and forget to charge up, power packs give you a bit of extra run time on the go. There are shoulder bags by Hedgren that have special holes leading from a padded phone or tablet pocket to the pocket where you can store your power pack. This way, you can leave everything in your bag, all your zippers closed, and your technology can still charge. I’m constantly impressed with companies that know what the customer needs, and integrated it into their products so seamlessly.

The nagging mom in me is telling you that another product you deserve to invest in for back-to-work, is a small travel umbrella. I say travel, because I want you to take the umbrella with you, at all times, in your briefcase.  Afternoon meetings could be even more annoying with flattened hair and soggy clothes, if you don’t take your compact umbrella with you as you head out for a lunch meeting.

My final recommendation for a new product that people typically don’t buy for themselves, is a shoe bag. With the changing of the seasons, wearing indoor shoes and outdoor shoes may require you to carry back and forth from work, a plastic grocery bag, or similar. There are different companies making a variety of shoe bags , from draw string bags with images of shoes on the exterior to soft sleeves that slip over each individual shoe, we’ve got your shoe’s covered.

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