Best Samsonite Carry-On’s: Our Top 5


Best Samsonite Carry-On’s. Samsonite is an international brand of luggage. The company sells bags in every quality and every price point and in every style. In 2017 they made the conscious decision to make their bags with only spinner wheels. This left the two wheels bag options to duffles, and totes. We say goodbye to the 2 wheeled suitcases that once rolled the isles of the planes and welcome our more modern 4 wheeled, spinner suitcases. Over the years, some of our favourite bags like the Samsonite Oyster hard sided has been modernized. That bag now include TSA approved locks, an upright design with a retractable pull handle and of course, spinner wheels.

Modernization is the key to improvement for Samsonite, and with more durable lightweight materials and the demand for bags that are easy to manage, we have compiled our list of favourites:



5.Base Hits- This line is as its name says, base. Simple, and effective, an entry level product with everything you would need from lockable sliders, to a front pocket and bare inside. A lightweight bag like this enables you to pack all your stuff for your trip and still lift it into the car by yourself.



wheeled high-sierra duffle and backpack in one back view



4.High Sierra AT8. Yes, High Sierra duffle bags are made by the Samsonite company. This bag is great because you get the quality Samsonite products with the rough and tumble features from an outdoorsy line like this. This bag has great pouches and pockets and can be carried like a duffle bag or rolled on its hind wheels.



blite 3


3.B-Lite 3– This luggage collection is a sleek and elegant, European designed suitcase. The integrated handles give the bag a very clean look and the low-profile TSA  approved lock gives it the security you need. There are a few unique features of this bag, such as the interior tie down straps that have their own hooks on the side of the bag so you can pack without having to dig to the bottom to grab the straps you will need to keep your clothing contained.







2.Stryde Glider– This luggage line is unique in that all (except the carry-on) the pieces in this collection are to be wheeled horizontally. The wide style gives a lower center of gravity keeping the bag super stable and less likely to topple. The carry-on sits on its rubber feet across the body of the large bag so they can be wheeled smoothly together through the airport without needing a strap or clip to keep them attached.




lite shock



1.Lite-Shock. This bag is part of the Black Label product line that Samsonite sells their high-end bags under. This bag is made in Europe out of some of the lightest weight and durable materials in any company. The lower profile design makes it the perfect size for any airline and being light weight means that you will never be charged for overweight luggage. You will get everything you need and more in this fierce looking bag.



Have you had the pleasure of using one of the “Best Samsonite carry-on bags”? Let us know which one below.

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