bd250x duffle bag and backpack in one

Carry-On using only a backpack for 1-week vacation

Before I begin to write about how Alex packed everything into a carry-on, let me tell you who this “Alex” is. Alex is my co-worker, a young, family oriented, (currently) single guy, who just became an uncle. He has been waiting impatiently to visit with his new nephew, and of course his sister, brother-in law parents and grandfather too.

At work Alex and I always talk about the next trip we plan to take and which cool travel gadget we’ll HAVE to bring with us. We may not always agree about what is the most useful item to pack in your suitcase, but one thing that Alex and I do have in common, is that we both prefer to pack in a carry-on. After all, no one wants to wait anxiously for bags to arrive and weigh you down when all you want to do is celebrate being on vacation! We are both pretty talented at packing in a carry-on, and honestly, it’s not too difficult. I prefer using a wheeled bag, Alex chooses to use a Briggs and Riley backpack duffle. This time around, Alex gave in to my nagging, and finally invested in some Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. He bought a starter 3 pack, which comes with three different size cubes.

The List of what he packed: 3 pairs of pants, 1 sweatshirt, shorts, 6 shirts, 4 pairs of socks, 7 underwear, 3 pairs of shoes, toiletries.

How he packedin this Briggs & Riley bag; By folding and Rolling his clothes, he got all his underwear and socks in a cube, shirts and sweatshirt in another, and lastly his pants and shorts in the largest cube. The shoes could’ve been stuffed with more items if he needed to utilize the extra space, but he managed to not need to pack anything inside his shoes. With all that packed in his bag, the entire case weighed 18lbs. The airlines allow between 20-25lbs for travel in Canada (depending which airline you choose), so Alex is well on his way without any overweight charges.

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These are some pictures of the before, during and after.
Inside of the backpack duffle bag with clothes all layed out and ready to be packedInside of the backpack duffle bagAll the toiletries packed into one side pouch
using packing cubes to help save space and organize inside the bag

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