Compression Socks for Travel: 3 Brands on Review


Doctors often recommend travel socks for travelers, to avoid getting blood clots during flights. This often happens because when blood becomes stagnant from prolonged sitting, circulation is being cut off and clots form. This is potentially life threatening, and can be prevented by wearing compression socks. Compression socks are available in different styles, but most commonly, a medium compression sock that comes up to just under a persons knees is the most comfortable to wear on long flights. If you are the type of person whose feet or ankles swell, are painful or red when you stand up to get off an airplane, you will want to use these socks.These socks cost around the $30 mark for one pair, but are invaluable. I stand almost all day at my job, have been pregnant (twice) and like to travel, so I am quite familiar with the variety of compression socks that are available. I have tried everything from a thin stocking, to a leg band (does not cover the entire foot, just around a calf). I have tried out these three companies and have made recommendations for each.


  1. Sockwell. These socks have a bunch of unique features. They come in basic black, or a huge array of prints. For someone who uses compression socks often, it’s nice to have the variety. The footbed on most of the socks are slightly padded, so they are cushy to walk on. The toe seam is seamless, and wide, which for a compression sock is great because your toes aren’t compressed. The material is Marino wool, so the socks are stinkless, and quick dry (you can wear Sockwell socks in cheveron black print these for an entire week and your feet won’t smell, I only mention it, if you want to save your money and have one pair to wear on the flight there, and the flight back, or internal flights during your vacation). These are tougher to peel on and off, but they are very easy to size becase they come in 2 sizes, in both mens and ladies. They can be machine washed and will last forever. 5 out of 5 stars


  1. Spresso Wear. These socks are a super unique. They have no elastic around the top of them, so they are comfortable for the travler with an already thick leg. The sSpresso compression socks in purpleizing chart is a pain, so they are worth trying on before buying, so they don’t bunch in your shoe. The dry yarn material means when you wash these socks, you must be careful, they won’t look as nice after being washed but will still work well. I recommend hand washing the socks. They come in solid colours, and the socks go up to an XXL, which is unheard of in most brands. The toe are and heel area are made out of a non-compression material, so you get space to breathe for your toes. Overall 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. Travelon. These socks are what I consider basic. They come in black or nude and offer no special feature that defines them. They are made fro a synthetic material, which makes them easy to wash and take care of, andTravelon compression socks black they come up just below my knee (I’m 5ft 3in). These socks are really easy to put on, and they almost feel like they have no compression, but they actually have the same amount of compression as the other two being reviewed. Overall, these socks get 3 out of 5 stars.




We keep samples of the socks on display for customers to try. I suggest coming in and we can set you up with the right pair. We have more brands in store to check out.

Check out this Travelon video to show you how to put on a compression sock.

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