Four tips for travel with kids

Four tips help parents travel with kids. Parents often drop into our travel store before taking trips with infants and toddlers, to see what’s new and ask for travel tips. Here’s a quick rundown of the top four travel concerns we tend to discuss.


1. Stranded without a stroller
Having heard more than a few horror stories about schlepping long distances through international airports and train yards without the aid of a stowed or checked stroller, we recommend going prepared with a baby sling or a toddler ride-on luggage piece. Your choice of a carry-all baby bag is also important since you might end up walking further than anticipated while holding your child and juggling your carry-on luggage.

2. Airplane ears 
Since infants may experience ear pain in-flight (most often when landing), parents sometimes choose to take ear plugs that are designed to minimize the effect of changes in air pressure. Pacifiers, breast- and bottle-feeding are also known to be good remedies.

3. Dealing with delays 
When it comes to toddlers, we like to think about how to involve the child in planning for the trip. Our travel store features a variety of children’s luggage that is suitable for carry-on and perfect for storing a travel blanket, child-sized neck pillow and your youngster’s favourite play things.

4. Weather conditions 

To cope with changing weather conditions while on holiday consider bringing lightweight blankets and hats. A layered approach to clothing is generally a good idea for kids on vacation. A pair of comfortable and versatile Crocs can also be helpful.

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