Get yourself on a roll to travel Carry-On only

Carry-On bags differ for every airline and every travel company. After figuring out the bags weight and size limits you will have to restrict yourself to, you can start filling your luggage. Stick with similar colours. Choose a colour scheme that works with your current wardrobe, black and whites, blues, or maybe khaki. By sticking with one colour scheme for what you’re packing, you can overlap articles. Bring one pant, and one short, with 5 shirts and rotate between these for a 7-day trip.

What you wear on the airplane can be important when you travel with a tiny suitcase. Comfort, layers, and style are important. You will want pants you can easily sit down in for the long flight, but are still part of your colour scheme to be able to re wear them. You will also want to wear your heaviest shoes on board the plane. If you are planning on hiking or going to a business meeting, wear those shoes. For comfort, leave the heels in your bag, or better yet, leave them at home. Royal Robins makes amazing light weight travel pants that have great stretch on them. Perfect for business, hiking, and every other part of travel. Button down shirts can easily be layered over a T shirt and you can add a light jacket over top too. This adds 3 more pieces to your wardrobe that you can mix and match too, but will allow your temperature on the airplane to be managed.

Underwear and socks may seem like it takes of a ton of space in your modest carry-on bag, but there’s three ways around this. Quick dry travel underwear (Exofficio) and socks (Tilley) keep it down to the one’s you’re wearing, and the one pair packed in your luggage. A small amount of soap means you can wash out your clothes overnight and hang to dry and they will be clean and ready in the morning. Another option is to get a pack of cheap socks and underwear and throw away as you wear them. Thirdly, choose lower profile socks and underwear and use a small zippered (or ziplock) bag to squish the air out of them, so they waste less space in your bag.

Limit what you pack by way of travel accessories. Instead of a laptop, and books, bring an E-reader. If you can avoid packing a full hair brush and hair dryer, pack travel sized versions. Bring sample packs of meds and toiletries instead of full containers. Try using products that have alternative uses to them. A Fulton umbrella can be used as sun coverage and for the rain. Packable backpacks can be used as a backpack during daytime excursions and can be used as an extra carry-on if you buy anything extra during your travels.

Lastly, roll it up. Rolling your clothing is the most efficient way of packing inside your luggage. Try this trick and you’ll save space right away!

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