Gifts Only a Mother Can Love

Moms have to be extra organized when it comes to travel. When bringing family, or just traveling for business, having small travel accessories like the ones listed below, could make or break a trip. If you are shopping for a gift for a mom that already does a fair bit of travel, then she probably already has the perfect toiletry bag, with the perfect sized travel bottles, and she probably has the perfect sized carry-on and a tote bag to go along with it. Unless she has mentioned that she needs a new one, don’t bother shopping for these items. If mom has never traveled but is planning a big trip in the future, then surprising her with a gift, such as a new suitcase could be a very exciting and generous gift. I love this amazing lightweight bag from Samsonite, plus it’s made in Europe which is a pleasant change, from made in China. At the $499.00 price tag though, there may not be enough money left over for these other essential mom must haves; 

Universal plug adapters can inspire mom to see more of the world. But the best part about packing this compact adapter in moms suitcase is the dual USB port….which means… charge both of the kids IPads at the same time! Yay! Saves moms so much time, when you can charge 2 or 3 thinsg at once! Doing that will help keep the kids behaved when you’re about to sit on an airplane for hours. The all-in-one adapter is an addition in the realm of adapters, to help simplify, and modernize travel.

LUG has finally come out with an RFID blocking version to their oh-so-popular passport and document organizer. This organizer is colourful and compact but can help keep mom and the rest of the family’s important travel documents in one place for easy access. The new RFID blocking feature keeps personal information on your passport safe by blocking thieves from being able to remotely scan your passport’s radio frequency chip, when it’s all safely nestled in the organizer.

Mom won’t sleep until her kids move out of the house, and even then, mom probably won’t sleep! Eye masks help mom to get her much needed beauty sleep, during travel. The contoured 30$ eye mask that I love for mom, bows away from the eyeballs so your nicely done eye makeup, (which really…who has the time to redo it…)stays in place. Mom needs a product like this that will give her more time to sleep and less of a need to primp and polish.

Jewelry organizers are a thoughtful gift for mom. If you know she often wears jewelry, then this will be a gift for her. Packing a hanging jewelry bag into a suitcase is easy, lay it flat or fold it and find a nook or cranny to store it out of the way. Hanging jewelry bags are great to have since you can easily hang it on a closet door, on the back of a chair or in the bathroom in your hotel room, and quickly grab what you need without digging through and unknotting necklaces from rings. Everything in its place.

When there is too much rain or sun and mom may want to continue to enjoy her day, Umbrellas are a nice gift that you can add some personality to. With options of different prints, sizes, and styles, a compact travel umbrella will become something mom will keep in the bottom of her purse, always…or at least until it rains. All of the Fulton brand Umbrellas also come with UV protection ratings of 50, which means, even when the sun is too hot, the exploring won’t have to stop.

I want moms to be continually spoiled because they deserve the best, and at Capital City Luggage, the service and quality can’t be beat. So bring mom in, or come pick up some of the fun and unique travel gadgets that will put a smile on your faces. It will be Worth The Trip.

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