how to beat the heat with these travel hacks

How to beat the heat with these travel hacks


I love to vacation anywhere warm. It’s almost a must when the Canadian winters are so darn cold. My friends think I’m crazy though because I don’t like to go away for “summer vacation” because the weather here in the summer is so nice and hot already. Please, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate air conditioning and any other tricks to keep cool in the summer months. I have compiled my list of 4 top must have items.

  1. Cooling neck wraps. There are a couple companies that do this, even local crafters make them. They are a bandana style neck wrap that is filled with a bead that when water is added, they absorb the water and the bandana is dry, but cool to the touch. It is a way of keeping you fresh and refreshed feeling.
  2. Neck pillows with cooling gel. Sounds complicated but its actually not. These pillows have a material inside that is comfortable enough to use when trying to sleep- like the feeling of a fresh silk pillow on your cheek. The cool material is what makes the pillow feel revitalizing and energizing instead of uncomfortable and cranky on your next big vacation.
  3. Backpacks can feel yucky, yes I said yucky. When its hot and you’re sweating the last thing you need is the chafing feeling of a backpack on you. Pacsafe makes more travel bags than anyone has probably ever seen, but by far the most popular is the Venturesafe backpack with what almost looks like a turtle shell, or a 6 pack of abs on the back. It provides ventilation when the bag is on your bag, while still giving security and light weight features.
  4. Tilley endurables, has Canadian made hats that truly stand the test of time. With that said, the hiker hat that Tilley makes has an extra absorbent cloth that sits on the top of the head on the underside of the hat, in a mesh pocket that when soaked in water and completely rung out, keeps your head cool and lowering your body temperature. It’s a great hat for an active person in the heat of the summer.

Have you heard of any cooling products that are a must have for travel in the heat? Portable fans and packable waterbottles are some go-to’s, but send us your comments for some of your top choices. And Visit to find these and other amazing products.