I need one, I want one, I must have one! 10 Best Accessories

There are always new and trendy accessories coming to market that claim to make travel easier, but these tried tested and true accessories are some of the most basic travel accessories, that will be the most rewarding to own. From trip to trip these following accessories will become your favourite go-to items.

  1. Packing Cubes 

Packing cubes are the perfect way to organize the contents of your suitcase so that everything you pack has a chance of being used. Put shirts in one bag and pants in another, or put workout clothes in one, and business clothes in another. Different sizes to fit every bag. Perfect for small accessories too!

  1. Compression Bags

Compression bags help take the air out of the bulky items. If you want to travel with a pillow or down jacket, maybe your sweaters or taffeta dress is taking up too much space, squeeze out the air with your hand (no vacuum required) and just open up the bag when you’re ready to use the stuff and watch the air get sucked back in.

  1. Umbrella

These small and durable travel umbrellas fit into your palm, and are as light as a feather and open up to cover your head and shoulders from heavy rain. The windproof spokes mean that in a heavy windstorm your umbrella won’t snap in pieces.

  1. RFID Credit Card Sleeve

Radio Frequency Identification means people can instantly scan your credit card information and steal your money and personal information. Keep each credit card safe with a light weight cover that will protect all the cards from being scanned unknowingly. If you want, there’s even a passport sleeve for new RFID passports.

  1. Anti-Theft Purse

Another way to keep safe in Spain, Italy or other places known for pick pocketing, is by using these “Anti-Theft” handbags. You’d never know these bags have wire built through the bags and other secret security features, but you can feel super safe knowing that what you put in your bag will stay in your bag.

  1. Adapters

Most countries have different plugs for their outlets. If you want to recharge your e-reader or phone, you’ll need to know which plug to use in which country. We have a master list and have all the adapters you may need. If your appliance is not dual voltage (works with both our 110volt outlet and other countries 220volt outlet) you may need a converter too. Bring in your appliance and we can show you when you will need (your appliance or charger will have 110v written on it- if there’s nothing written indicating it works with 220v too, you’ll need a converter or transformer to make it work when you travel)

  1. Compression Sock

compression socks help legs from swelling up on long flights. If you’re doing a lot of walking on your trip, compression socks will be a worthwhile investment. Our favourite travel socks are the lightweight wool socks that wick away moisture and allow for you to wear them multiple days without them smelling… so you can wear them on the plane there and back without having to wash them in between.

  1. Scale

Weighing your luggage after a long trip could be a guessing game if you are doing shopping while away. A travel scale is small and portable and will eliminate extra baggage fees when you get to the airport. No sorting around your dirty laundry in front of 100 strangers.

  1. Money Belt

Money belts are pouches that you wear under your clothes to conceal your extra cash, credit cards and passport. Any money you need during the day should be in your wallet in your bag/pocket and the rest of your money should go into the money belt. You should not use this as a wallet, the idea is that you do not want people to know it is there. It will keep pick pocketers’ from stealing the most important travel necessities. There are different styles of money belts, waist, neck, underarm holster, and ones that attach to your leg or belt. Depending on the style of clothes you like, one may suit you better than another.

  1. Collapsible Tote

Uh oh, I bought too much! Now what are you going to do? The idea of these bags is that you can check your carry on and use the fold out bag as your new carry-on, or if you need a small overnight bag for an impromptu overnight trip while on vacation, you can leave your large luggage behind and take only what you need in a fold out bag. Maybe you don’t have space in your suitcase to pack a large day bag, you can use a fold out bag or backpack to pack some snacks and a jacket into for going out and about during the day.

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