travel journal

Keeping a Travel Journal


Picking the right travel journal for your trip is where the adventure begins. From the shelves at the store, the feel of the pages as they turn, knowing they will soon be filled with details of your adventures. There are many reasons you should choose to keep a journal while traveling, the most important is so you can fully relive the entire experience. It can be better than taking pictures, to look back at the pages and rekindle the feelings you had while tasting new foods, and seeing new sites. Keeping a journal of your adventures can be a rewarding experience, check out my top 3 reasons for journaling below:

  1. Remembering where you ate: Where did I eat that amazing meal, what was that meat called again? Ugh! Why can’t I just remember what the rolled up spiced thing was called! This is often what I mutter to myself at the end of a super busy week of traveling through countries. In Jordan I went to a Mediterranean restaurant, with a beautiful view. I was so in-the-moment, I felt so alive, and free, and full (the portions were filling). The company I ate with at the restaurant was a group of strangers, like minded travellers with great stories. I wish I could remember their names so I could ask them the name of the restaurant. And the food was so amazing, my mouth is watering just writing about it now. I wish I could remember what the food was called. I want to go back, I want to recommend it to others traveling there, and I want to find the food locally! This feeling is a feeling I will never have again, I now make notes in my journal of everything while I travel. I can see on what day, with whom and even the bottle of wine that I enjoyed, all written in my journal.
  2. Keeping track of the dates. I often don’t take photos while I travel, I do my best to live for today. I’m not usually the type of person to look back at photos later. Honestly, to get the right photo of the breathtaking view, doesn’t often do it justice. But, if you are one for taking photos, a travel journal can help you methodically recreate the flow of the trip. It’s very helpful for labeling your photos and creating the storyline later. If you are making a scrap book or photo collage the mixture of details from your travel journal can definitely help paint the entire picture.
  3. Remembering everyone’s names. When you travel, it’s hard to remember who you met, and where you met them. Going from one one hostel, to another, making friends at the local market or community events usually gets all jumbled up while traveling. Try fitting new friends, into the mix while you travel, and without internet. Keeping note of the friends, and special details about them can be helpful when you plan to get in touch with them again once you’re home. Or if you plan to meet up with them further along in your trip.

Making memories. I like the idea that making memories can be in your own personal way. If you are new to journaling, and would like a quick tip to help make memories, make a short list of things you want to remember from the trip and on page one of your journal, write down what you have to remember to talk about every day. Examples would be, where did I stay? What did I eat? Where did I visit? Who did I talk to? One funny story, and even One travel mistake. Hopefully that will give you the prod you need to get started with your own travel journal, however big or small, however little you wish to write. Bon Voyage and get writing!