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Lighten Up! You’re going on Vacation

Bringing everything you own on vacation with you is not realistic anymore. Now, light weight bags, and travel accessories are designed to help utilize every ounce of your baggage weight allowance that airlines, bus companies, tour companies, and trains make you limit yourself to. With bags weighing in at only 2.5kg, super compact luggage scales and these travel tips, you will never get an over weight baggage charge again.

Deciding what to take with you on a vacation can be a daunting task. Packing lists that you can find on the internet make you think of all the “what ifs”, but do you really need that bottle of aspirin even if you’ve never taken as aspirin before in your life? Depending on where you are going, a simple way to cut down on what you bring in your bag, is by keeping it simple. Find out if where you are going will have any amenities.

Will they have a hair dryer in your room, and soaps? Find out if they supply things like workout clothing, usually for a small fee you can rent them at your hotel. Will you be close to a drug store for extra contact lens solution? If so, bring only what you think you need, and nothing more. Exofficio & Tilley are great travel clothing brands with quick drying socks and underwear which can help you cut down from seven pairs for a week to only one (okay, maybe two).

Sticking to similar colours for your main clothing articles will enable you to mix and match, rather than a different outfit for every day. Small packable accessories such as, jewelry, scarves and hair accessories are ways to add extra colour to a basic travel wardrobe.

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