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Lock up your luggage, for safety sake.

How do I recognize a TSA lock?All TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) locks have either a Diamond or a Fire Torch on it to indicate it is a TSA lock. This means that airport TSA security will have a mater key that will override the owners lock and it will become unlocked whiles the airport security reviews the contents of the suitcase.

Should you lock your luggage if they are just going to open it?

Yes. Absolutely. You will want to keep everyone else out of your luggage and keep them from putting in anything when you don’t have your bag in your possession. You will get arrested even if you don’t know how the contraband got inside your suitcase. Having locks on your bag while in a hotel room can keep maids or roommates out of your luggage too. It’s almost like having an in room safe for your laptop and jewelry too.

Who uses the TSA locks?

450 different Airlines including all of; Austria, Canada, Finland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA, use the TSA approved locks. If you are traveling to other countries you can still use the TSA approved lock and if the security needs to view inside your luggage, they will pull you aside and ask you to open it.

TSA locks are offered in a variety of styles. We often carry locks that are slightly unusual to see like cable locks with a cable loop on both the top and the bottom, or a lock you can use your birthday date (or a significant date) to set it. My favourites are the key/combination in one. So you have the best of all worlds. If you lose your key, you can just open it on the combination you set it to… 9-1-1- perhaps.

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