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Luggage Weight Allowance for Airlines


Luggage weight allowance differs from airline to airline, but in general there are a couple of basic rules. To help make travel easier for you, check out every airline that you will be using on your vacation, and stick with the lowest allowed weight.

For example, if you have three flights with three different airlines and airline “A” allows 50 lbs, airline “B” allows 75 lbs and airline “C” allows 20 lbs, I suggest you only pack a maximum of 20lbs in your suitcase for the entire trip.  Airlines restrict the allowance for many reasons, plane size, union requirements for baggage handlers, fuel prices, and other reasons such as cost per passenger.

Even on one single flight there are different weight limits, you can have a weight allowance for your carry-on bag, and one for your checked bag. The maximum carry-on bag weight on most flights is close to 20lbs. Some “budget” airlines allow less, so check your ticket, and the airline’s website for exact details. The luggage weight allowance details are not prone to changing in the short term, so if you look today for your trip you’ll be taking in 6 months, the allowance should be the same.

For checked luggage, your allowance depends on whether you are in economy or business class. The more your pay for your seat, usually the more weight you can pack inside your suitcase. Between 50 and 75lbs is the usual weight allowance for checked luggage. If you exceed these limits, you will have to pay either an excess baggage fee, an overweight baggage fee, a price per pound extra, or in rare cases, you won’t be allowed to travel with your luggage if it has extra weight. Again, every airline has their own regulations, so be aware, and do note that if you plan to check a bag, there is often a $25 charge for your first suitcase, so keep that in mind.

If you want to be on the safe side, leave everything you don’t want to lose at home. Airlines can accidentally lose luggage, misplacing it, or leaving it behind. Don’t be stuck without your favourite pair of designer shoes, leave them at home. Or try your hand at packing carry-on only.

Have you been charged extra baggage fees at the airport that you weren’t expecting? Let us know about it in the comment. Here’s a helpful link to some airline’s sites. 


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