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Mancini Wallet Review


My wallets have never been small. I often try, as you can see from the attempt at a small Secrid wallet attached to the back of my phone. I managed to get my 5 most important cards to attach to live attached to my phone but for the rest of my 100 cards it’s been a challenge to find a new home for them. I often see adorable wallets from cute designers that I must buy, but I remind myself to try them out before I buy them to see if they can fit everything I need, and nope, it never happens. I should also mention, that now that phone sizes are bigger, finding a wallet that has a cell phone pocket is often impossible. That is what got me excited about the Mancini wallet I just bought.

Mancini has a new fine leather collection called “soft touch” which is a single bright coloured leather(yes its available in black) that feels like you’re holding a newborn baby… as the collection suggests, it is just that soft! The model I fell for is the 8500044 in green, which is an RFID protecting, wristlet that zips around completely, and has a huge outside pocket for cell phone and a change pocket on the outside too.

I checked the stitching on the seams where the credit card slots are, and they are tough as you’d expect with a Mancini Leather Goods product. The thread they use is matching throughout the wallet, and the leather extends throughout the interior with minimal nylon/polyester. All the accents are a shiny chrome colour and the finishing touches are in a matching leather too.

The zippers are smooth, and tough, I like that the zipper wasn’t sewn in too tight so it’s really easy to glide it along the corners (it also means I can stuff it with even more junk).

I have managed to cut down about half of the contents of my wallet by using an app called StoCard. There are other similar apps with the concept that you can put in your points and privilege card information and it will store it in the app so you can eliminate yet another card from your wallet. I am constantly getting gift cards, and carrying around my children’s’ health cards, so thinking I can get down to only a handful of cards is wishful thinking. This wallet has the perfect amount of separation for me. When you zip open the wallet, bills can be organized in the large back section. I put my insurance papers tucked in behind the card slots. The front left houses cards that that are secondary credit cards and important cards for quick access, and on the right side I have the kids stamp cards (reward cards). Tucked away in the interior zippered pocket I have my gift cards that are still in there unused since my last birthday.

I would expect with the quality and size of this wallet, that it should be expected to last me about 5 years of every day use. I’m pretty rough on my things, if you’re someone who would be more careful with your wallet, I would expect this wallet to last at least 10 years. The first place I would expect it to fail would be the wrist strap, secondly the card slots, being leather, they will probably stretch out with regular use. This is a reason why I’m a huge advocate for zippered wallets, even if the leather stretches out around the cards, they won’t slip out of the wallet and end up lost.

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