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Mom and I take about two trips a year together, they are mostly for business, but we always have a way of spoiling ourselves too. This weekend, we’re headed only 500km away to Toronto for a Luggage Show. Yes, suppliers in our industry have a huge trade show that allows us the opportunity to compare product, view entire collections, voice any concerns, and my favourite activity…shop for new product! Over the course of the year we get requests from customers, it’s a great chance for us to filter through product to find suppliers that can match our needs.Last year there was a supplier from China who had a remote controlled suitcase for kids, shaped like a race car, Amazing! This year, adult and kids’ luggage with scooters attached to them has been the new must have product. I much prefer to have the added bag space instead of a scooter, but everyone has different priorities.

Possibly my favourite thing about getting ready for a trip is picking out my travel accessories. It may sound sad to some people who don’t understand, but I work in my families’ business at a luggage store. This means I have endless access to travel products and that sounds like heaven to me! My mom and I usually sit down and discuss how we’re going to travel in a casual setting.  For this trip, we’ll be doing car, hotel, and walking all over the course of four days, so we’ll have to consider that when choosing which bags and essentials to bring. I was going to pack a small duffle bag, but we usually get a ton of catalogues over the course of a few days, and I much prefer a bag on wheels. So for this trip I’m going to go with a large bag. Mom, she’ll be going in a much smaller bag because we both don’t need huge bags, and our vehicle just doesn’t accomodate it anyway.

I have made a list below of all the travel essentials we’ll be taking with us for this 4-day business trip.

What she’s taking

Suitcase: Briggs & Riley Transcend 22” with a 2-inch expansion, This size is as maximum as you would want to take on some airlines, but as a 4-day bag it will have just enough space to have 4 changes of clothes, extra shoes and of course toiletries. We aren’t going to a remote destination, so we can pop by a drug store or corner store if we need anything that is forgottten. This bag has a really big expansion and wheels that run so smoothly, you can wheel it over any terrain. This bag pairs really well with the brieface we’ll be using during the day.

Personal Bag: Briefcase on wheel by Briggs & Riley. This bag has an expansion and is 17 inches wide, which is perfect for bringing hom order forms from suppliers without having to fold them in half. The back side of this bag offers an attachment feature that can easily affix it to the transcend suitcase so I will have a free hand when Im in the lobby of the hotel. This is helpful because we usually see so many familiar faces when we book-in, it’s nice to give a clean handshake or hug without anything weighing us down. The Beside U handbag mom decided to take is small enough for a pack of gum, wallet, cell phone and lipstick. It will offer just the essentials to get us through the day. Usually we pack a small pad of paper, and pens in there to take notes on the fly.

Accessories: Croc Busy Day Walking Shoe & Compression socks The Croc Busy Day shoes keep mom walking all day and the compression socks by sockwell, offer a graduated compression which pushes blook up her leg and keeps it from pooling in her feet and making her feet swell. Walking all day is exhausting!

What I am taking

Suitcase:  I’m taking a large 28” Samsonite Firelite. This bag is so light and wheels so smoothly, it is almost a no-brainer for me to choose. I like that I can load samples, and papers into this bag and I can still load it into the car with no help. The firelight also wheels so beautifly over carpet that at the hotel, it won’t be a struggle down the hallway, so I don’t have to waist my time troubling a bellhop.

Personal Bag: Tumi This bag is slightly larger than the one mom uses. She travels with the bare minimum, but I prefer to have enough for my essential accessories listed just below. The bag is super stylish and really easy to match my outfits, but also muted enough that I can wear it from day to evening without having to change it. I like that wearing it cross body will keep it out of my way, but still allow me quick access when I need it.

Accessories: The collapsible water bottle by Travelon is large in size and easy to drink from and can clip to the outside of my bag when it’s full. I will be putting it inside my bag when it’s empty, but it is really smart to keep hydrated and if it is directly attached to me, I’m more likely to drink. I really like the gorgeous old leather business card case by Bosca. The Italian leather is attractive and will hold a huge stack of business cards that I can hand out to new and potential suppliers. It has room for me to take their cards too! I think it’s important to market yourself as much as possible when at business events. You never know who you’re going to meet that has just what you need!

I hope this gives you a helping hand when you’re planning your next trip or business trip. We have over 300 mens and ladies handbags in store and are always happy to help you narrow them down to the must have one for you.

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