New Twist on Expandable Luggage

Briggs & Riley Travelware is newer and very innovative travel company that we here at Capital City Luggage, absolutely LOVE. With airlines each having a different restriction on carry-on sizes, Briggs & Riley has added a new innovation to the travel world, a compression expansion.

The compression expansion feature works like a compression bag, or vacuum bag to squeeze the air out of your clothing to allow maximum amount of stuff, packed into the minimum amount of space. But seriously, what do I mean by that, you ask? I mean, make a pile of clothes you want to bring, and ADD an extra 25% more clothing. You can bring that, all of that!

Whether you pack by rolling your clothes, or folding your clothes, there’s really no trick to these bags. You will open up the expansion by using the two height adjusters on the inside. You will pack your bag, full. Zip your bag closed once you have jam packed that last pair of shoes in there. Then your bag looks HUGE, I know… here’s the fun part. Sit on the bag with just enough pressure to get that heigh adjuster to click back down to the starting height. “Really? Just sit on my bag” you say. YUUUP!

I know, I know, toiletries! Put them into your carryon approved bottles and put them in a clear pouch and slide them into the outside pocket so they are quickly accessible at the airport. Besides that, enjoy never having to travel without your entire wardrobe again. These bags are available in hard-side, and soft-side, and in different carryon, and checked luggage sizes.expandable briggs and riley carryon