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Nexus Cards and their Travel Benifits


Nexus cards. Have you considered using a nexus card? This is a credit card style card that you can apply for online, and allows you to fast track through the airport and through North American land and water boarders.

Have you seen people just flying through security check points and not having to wait in lines at the airport? Well if you want quicker processing at the airport then you should consider applying for a nexus card. These cards will give you the ability to avoid the processing lines. You also don’t have to fill out any of the time-consuming paperwork that most travelers deal with. If you are constantly coming in and out of the country, for business, or pleasure, then it will reduce your wait times in lines and overall at the airport.

The nexus cards are available to permanent Canadian or American residents. The cards are mailed out within 3 months and are active for 5 years. The cards cost $150 USD but you do have to shell out another $50 for a background check, to make sure you aren’t a convicted felon. Kids under 18 years of age are free, which is awesome, if you often travel as a family, or if you send your children across the country on their own.

If you need to get a travel visa for your visit, any time while your card is valid, the kind people at nexus consultancy services will help you get the right visas for your trips. This is a great service if you’re unfamiliar with the processes, and will ensure you won’t get denied entry. If you ever watch the show boarder security, then you may know that they don’t even feel bad about sending you back home -if you’ve chosen the wrong visa forms.


What do you think? Would this be a service you’d like to use while traveling?

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