Free Embossing for wedding luggage tag

Personalizing a special gift


Free embossing on leather is available in store. Is someone at work retiring? Is a family member getting married? Maybe a friend is having a birthday? For years we have been using the embossing tool for hot stamping our customers initials into leather goods. This gives people a unique and personalized gift that doesn’t cost a fortune. Actually, we do our embossing for free.

If you are looking to purchase a wallet, in a structured leather (I suggest the Secrid wallet) we can emboss your initials into it. This makes for a great gift for a young graduate, a good friends birthday, or even as a Christmas gift. At the time of writing this, our most recent embossing was to a leather luggage tag. This was an accessory to a piece of luggage that was given as a wedding present. Because it was uncertain what the last name of the married couple would be, we would’ve embossed Mr. & Mrs., but instead to keep it more personalized, we used both their first names.

As you can see in the photo, the embossing that came on the tag was Lewis N Clark, so we decided to similarly use no colour. This project turned out perfectly. The other options are to melt real gold or silver with the letters, this adds definition and an accent colour to compliment a piece such as a business case, or suitcase with matching hardware.

We have done embossing on Passport cases, Luggage tags, Wallets, Briefcases, portfolios, and on rare occasions even on luggage. We only do embossing on product purchased at our store, so happy shopping.

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