Putting the “out” in workout!

Workout on the go…? I’m so restless! I’m bored of my book, tired of watching these in flight movies and listening to my music just makes me want to get up and dance! Wait, why don’t I? I have tons of energy to burn. I have an hour or two to kill, and everyone on the flight is awake. *wack* Standing up, I almost knock myself unconscious from the over head vent/light. I sit back down quickly and take a Tylenol. I must rethink this. Music + Energy = ???…A workout! I’m sure I can come up with a workout from all my years working out in a gym. A full body workout for someone who is really cramped for space. With not even enough room to stand up properly, here’s what I can do:

So people can get acquainted with my plan to workout I’ll start from the top and work my way down. There are a lot of easy stretches to do in flight to help loosen every tense muscle up, so we’ll skip that. For now, stretch, and then sit down. We’ll work from top to toe. 


1.            Sit back in your seat. Bend forward to about 45 degrees if you can. Put your elbows out behind you and then point your palms to the back of your seat. Raise your elbows toward the roof. Now that you’re in this position try to pulse your elbows up toward the roof quickly 30 times. Rest for 20 seconds (and then repeat 8-10 times). Tip: keep elbows close together, not in your neighbours face. 

2.            Point your hands to the roof. Turn your palms to face the back of your seat. Keep your elbows facing the roof while you reach back and touch your shoulder blades. Then reach back up. Do this 30 times and rest 20 seconds. (8-10 reps)


3.            Sitting down, move forward in your chair so your back is off the backrest. Keep your knees together. Use your arms only to help balance. Raise your knees SLOWLY toward your chest. Tap your toes to the floor, and repeat 20 times. Take a 2-minute break (3-7 sets)

4.            With your butt on the edge of your seat, engage your core (flex your abs) and raise your left knee to the opposite (right) elbow. Touch them together, then switch to the right knee to left elbow. Do this 20 times on each side and rest for 2 minutes. (3-7 sets)


5.            Squats. These are no ordinary squats. Without using your hands, sit an stand from your seat 20 times. If you sit back in your seat you shouldn’t hit our face on the seat in front of you. Take a 2-minute rest. (3-7 sets)


6.            Stand up. Face your seat. Grab your head rest, if you are tight for space. If you have to, bend over slightly at the waist. Keep your feet no more than shoulder width apart. Raise up onto the ball of your feet and hold for 1 second and release. Do this 20 times then rest for 1 minute. (3-7 sets)

This entire workout can be done in sections over time. The amount of sets is a suggestion based on your skill level. Do less if you’re new to working out, more if you’re advanced. My no brainer disclaimer is: talk to your doctor before trying ANY of these exercises. 

If you’re an avid traveler, these workouts should get you some amazing results. But let me know if you have tried any of these workouts, or if you have any suggestions of your own. 

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