RFID tap to pay

RFID? What’s that about?

When I first heard about RFID I wasn’t too sure what it was or what it what it does to my credit cards, all I knew is people didn’t want it. After a bunch of research, I found out that it stands for Radio Frequency Identification, enables your; credit cards, debit cards, passports and other ID’s to be scanned by readers to have your personal information and money accessed quickly and effortlessly. This is amazing for paying quickly at checkouts, and speedily traveling through an airport. But as it turns out, us regular every day people can purchase scanners online and fabricate our own cards to use with all your money.This is why protection for your chip cards is so important. I saw a science fair project from some local kids who showed that you can steal credit card information from up to 16 feet, YES FEET!!!, away.

But how do you know you have RFID in your passport or wallet?These symbols that you can see on most ID is an indicator of RFID. There are so many ways including wrapping your RFID cards in tin foil that will help block the transmission of RFID. Since tinfoil is super unattractive, I suggest the following RFID blocking products to be added to your every day life.

  1. Secrid
  2. ladies wallets
  3. purses
  4. credit card sleeve
  5. mens wallets

And for Travel; these options will block your passports that have RFID (and your credit cards too.)

  1. PacSafe backpack
  2. Passport wallet and organizer
  3. Passport cover
  4. Passport sleeve 
  5. Money belt 

Most companies have come out with their own metallic blend fabrics that block the transmission of radio frequency tracking, so it’s seemly becoming the norm for the handbags and wallets especially. Companies that were once avoiding using RFID blocking materials and now on board, so we know the thieves mean business, and this problem is not going away any time soon.

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