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Thoroughly adapting to a new country.

When you travel, you may not have considered that the electrical appliences you most often used, may not be compatible where you are traveling.



This chart shows exactly what you need for each specific country that you may travel to. In the comments please make note of your experiences for different countries to help other people decide what they may need to bring, and be specific. The list indicates that China is B and N, but is actually B and H. The lettering system has recently changed on the Austin House brand adapters, but please check your faces on your plugs and you will see the difference between the countries and you can match them up with the pictures.

The two pin adapters at the top of the list indicate that the appliance you will be plugging into the back of it only has two pins, either the european two round prongs or the canadian two pin plug. This will work perfectly with things like your Apple phone (iPhone) adapter, or your camera charger.

The 3 pin grounded adapters will work with a north american grounded plug such as a Laptop plug.

On the list you will notice it says either 110v or 220v beside most of the countries. If you live in north america your appliances are probably purchased in a standard 110v form. If your appliance had been purchased in UK or Europe for example, your appliance is probably their standard 220v. Most modern technology will have written on it, either on the appliance or on the plug if it is 110v or 220v, some will have both written.

If your appliance only has 110v written you will need to CONVERT the power in addition to having an adapter if you are traveling to a country with 220v, or vice versa.

If your appliance has both 110v and 220v written then it converts automatically, and you do not need an extra converter, just an adapter to fit your appliance into the wall will do.

If you’re not sure what you need for your trip, come in and pay us a visit… bring your appliance, and charger.

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