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Travel for free! And I don’t mean get hired for a job washing dishes in a pub, or entertaining people on a cruise ship. If you have your heart set on traveling to a specific country and you’re not sure how to make it work for you, make a list! Write down where you want to go, and what you want to do when you get there. This will help you narrow down to the nitty-gritty of how to make it happen for little to no money. Did your list say Yoga retreat in Costa Rica? Maybe you wrote Drinking and partying in Mexico? Or wine and art in Tuscany. You can save the money you need by using the tips below. 

Travel for free. Couch surfing and ride sharing are always great options for saving money when you travel. If you want to get to your destination for free, I have put together my top three ways to travel to where you really want to go, on the cheap.

  1. Get a scholarship. Our government gives out scholarships to students who would like to do fieldwork abroad. Check out the governments website for more details.
  2. Organize a group tour. High school trips, trips with student city , or hire tour leaders, basically, you are responsible for guiding a group of people through different countries and experiences. If you have a knack for leading, and a can-do travel spirit, this is a great way to get free trips. As you travel, you can gain contacts for people who also like to travel, and those contacts can lead you to booking your next similar group trip. 
  3. Fundraise for a charity. If you raise enough money, or get sponsors, you can do a type of adventure travel experience, like climbing a mountain or even surfing challenges. Try using a crowdfunding website, or start a website of your own.

Have you ever been on a trip that was funded by someone other than your parents? How did you do it? Leave your comments below.

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