what to pack for alaska

Traveling to Alaska and My 5 Must Have Items to Pack


Wow, Alaska is picture perfect! I cannot wait to get on my way! Knowing what to bring is confusing me…can one travel with strictly a carryon when the climate is cold, windy and possibly rainy? While packing to travel, this trip is way more different from the warm beach vacations we’re used to. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. Instead of going from a cold damp winter to a toasty beach, we are going from a lovely snow cleared laneway to visit icebergs! Are we crazy? Not in the least! Take a look inside my bag to see the extras I packed to make this trip the most enjoyable for us.

  1. Collapsible backpack. I decided to take the smallest backpack I could to fit inside my pocket in the morning, and as the day warmed up, I would be able to throw one of my three layers inside the bag, (and not accidentally leave it behind at the next rest stop).
  2. We are pretty lucky, the weather should be co-operating this week, but incase it doesn’t I’m packing my Tresspass waterproof jacket. It will actually pack into a small bag, but be available for me to put it on if the rain starts or the wind picks up, we will be traveling mostly in wide open areas so that wind can get pretty bitter cold.
  3. Compression walking socks. One day we have 8 hours of walking. There are tours we can take with bikes or kayaks, but walking should be slightly more leisurely. The compression socks will keep my legs from swelling and the walking sock will keep it moisture free and cosy warm.
  4. Sea bands. Motion sickness bracelets are a must, if you are cruising to Alaska, the boat ride can get pretty rocky depending on the weather, it’s always good to keep a pair as backup incase. If you’re taking a helicopter tour, or doing a whale watching boat ride, keep in mind how you deal with motion and bring along these bracelets like I am. They work on acupuncture (just pressure points) to help reduce nausea.
  5. Lastly, my go-to, must-have (always) item, is ear plugs. For me, it’s an absolute must because in order to enjoy myself I need good sleep, and traveling especially in Bed and Breakfasts like we do, you never know who is sharing a wall, or partying all night.

Hopefully you have checked out some of these products before, but know if you are looking for new travel items or some must have essentials, come visit us at www.capitalcityluggage.com.