Where in the World to See Fall Colours

The best Fall vacation awaits!  After being able to fry eggs on our dashboards this week in southern Ontario, thoughts may naturally be turning toward cooler times and a holiday in the Fall.

Take a vacation in Canada, it has some of the best Fall colours on offer anywhere in the world. Top desintations include nearby Algonquin Park, the coast of New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy, and Albert’a Rocky Mountains (more in this top-10 list). Among the more interesting offshore options that might appeal to the jet set are the ancient woodland in Gloucestershire, England, the Yellow Mountain of China, or the pine forest of Pitlochry, Scotland (here are 10 globe trotting ideas for this Fall).

Have you had a chance to visit any of these places in the top 10 list? which was your favourite? Have you seen beautiful fall colours anywhere? Let us know where we need to be next fall.


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