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You chose it, now take care of it.

I often get asked by customers for extra plastic bags to cover their suitcase when it’s in storage. I am always happy to comply, but here’s why I’m writing about taking care of your luggage…

When you travel with your luggage, it’s going to get dirty. It will get scratched, scuffed, dented and yes, it will even begin to look “used”. If you travel in the rain or snow the bag will get wet and the wheels will get salty.

My first tip, when you get home, dry off the wheels, or if they are really dirty, outside, lightly hose them off, air dry them completely by leaving the bag in the basement or garage depending on the time of year, and then use WD-40 or something similar and make sure you lubricate the wheels. This will keep the wheels from rusting over time, and they won’t squeak when you wheel it again.

Very very very  hot water and a mild detergent will get the outside of a soft sided bag looking tidy. Again, air dry completely before storing the bag. It wont get all the oil stains out but it will help with surface stains. For hardsided luggage, a magic eraser will help.

If something on the bag seams loose, bring it in to your local repair center like us, for a quick check over, we’ll properly tighten any wobbly screws. We can lubricate wheels, pull handles and unlock forgotten lock combinations also.

Lastly, storing your suitcase in a plastic bag may over time, make it smell. If you MUST put it in plastic, use silica packets to keep the moisture out of it. If you’re only looking to keep dust off, then store it in a breathable fabric bag or “dust cover” as they come with most expensive luggage.

*photo credit Eliza’s paited suitcase DIY

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