You`ll never want to live without Packing Cubes again!

Firstly, what is a packing cube, right?… Well, a packing cube is a rectangular shaped zippered pouch that can help you store stuff neatly inside your suitcase.Why I’m so obsessed with them.

The “Only Gone for the Weekend” Traveler.

Have you ever traveled for a weekend to a wedding or an event and tried to group outfits together in your luggage like your event dress/suit along the bottom, with the undergarments you will want to wear, and tried to keep small jewelry such as earrings/cufflinks together near the outfit so you won’t forget it? So to not lose everything, you get a brilliant idea, let’s put everything into a grocery bag and it will be together.  Well I have a better idea for you. Try a nicely square zippered packing cube that has just enough structure that when you fold your outfit inside it, it will come out crisp and clean. If you want to add shoes or jewelry to your packing cube, do it! It’s a great way to keep the entire outfit together.

I often pack gym clothes with me in my luggage, because you never know when you may get a free training service as a free hotel upgrade, or maybe you’ll get invited on a hike by a group you’re visiting-even if you’ve never been on a hike before. I often take a nice tiny packing cube that is no bigger than my running shoes and stuff some socks inside the shoes, and a proper workout shirt and pant right in where any crevice allows. Zip it up, and it’s as compact as traveling with an extra pair of shoes only.

The “Living Out of your Suitcase for Weeks” Traveler.

Do you travel for weeks? Are you staying “three days here and two days there, with a quick stop over at ______on the way home”? Packing cubes are super for this type of travel.

I love how you can lay out all your clothes that you plan to take for your trip and organize them into categories. Shirts, Pants, Socks, Underwear, Workout clothes, Toiletries, Shoes, Jewelry, Electronics, PJ’s, Dresses/Suits, Sweater…and whatever else you can think of to pack.

The key here is once you have your pile of pants, ROLL THEM! (they are most efficiently packed when you roll) and see how SMALL of a packing cube you can fit them into. It doesn’t have to be a very snug fit if you have the room in your suitcase. Now, you have all your pants in one, do this again with shirts, roll all the shirts and pile them together, choose a packing cube that is nice and small and will snugly but comfortably fit the shirts. Keep doing this until everything or majority of your bags contents are contained in a cube. Now when you travel you can pull out the cube with the shirts when you need a shirt.

Bring an extra cube or laundry bag for laundry, and roll your dirty clothes into the big bag or cube. When you wash your clothes put them back in the correct cube. This is a way to actually wear EVERYTHING in your suitcase, instead of picking what you will wear based on what’s visible on the top of the suitcase.

The idea of packing cubes is great for travelers who has an event to get to when they arrive on vacation, or for adding some of your spouse/travel companions clothing to your luggage without it getting all mixed up. If you have children who may not be eligible for their own suitcase, packing together in one bag will become a breeze, each person can get their own colour!

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Can you tell how passionate about packing cubes I can get. Try them, you’ll love them! I know I’m not the only one who loves using them. At Christmas/Chanukkah, people stock up on them as gifts for the entire family.

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